Movies, Morals and a Meeting time!

First of all, it’s October?! How did that happen! I can’t believe I’m a month into my new degree, happy fall!

So today in our Social Issues class we discussed morality and my professor began the lesson with a pop quiz! He introduced the quiz by saying “We are now going to have a pop quiz, and I’ve decided that you must pass this quiz to pass the course.” Well, people were a little shocked (although I don’t think he got quite the reaction he was anticipating). He then went on to ask us how we’d feel about this, and by our faces concluded we’d be upset. The point of this exercise was to show that doing something like that would be immoral. We have a set syllabus that was given to us at the beginning of the year, and to stray away from that would simply be immoral, and not something that is within his ‘power’ to do. Anyways, we did end up having a pop quiz and it was about famous movies. We were given 15 quotes and asked to name the movie they came from (including “You can’t handle the truth,” and “Houston, we have a problem!”) and the point of this was to show the great morals that are imbedded within some of the greatest movies of all time. Unfortunately, the majority of what I took out of it was how many timeless movies I need to watch! One that came highly recommended by our professor was “In the Heat of the Night” – has anyone watched this movie?  

After discussing morals in movies, we moved on to discussing the readings we had for the day (regarding morals) and a very thought provoking question arose. We were asked if, as a teacher, we had a designated area in our room for the children to place their lunches, and right before lunch one day a child proclaimed that their lunch had in fact been stolen from this area, how would we handle it? Well, being the structure-loving person that I am, my initial response was “I’d never have this problem, because I would never have my children place their lunches in a communal spot!” but that wasn’t the point. How do you deal with these kinds of issues? To add a little context, previous to this we had been discussing how to manage a situation where you have a child who prolifically doesn’t have a lunch with them. So another common reaction from my colleagues was perhaps the child didn’t bring a lunch in the first place and saw an opportunity to take the attention off themselves and place it on someone else. Personally, I’m still not sure where I stand on this topic. The point of the matter is, someone is going to go without food for the day if you don’t do something. Do you just ignore the surface issue and deal with the root of the problem, thereby supplying the child with food? I don’t know. 

A bit of exciting news for today, we were emailed our meeting times! I’ll be meeting the principal of my host school at 9:15am on Wednesday morning! I’m so excited, I can’t wait to become involved in the school community 🙂

Tomorrow we’ll at be at an elementary school in Kelowna (where we go every Tuesday) and hopefully will have the chance to go into the classroom again and participate in some activities with the kiddos. I look forward to Tuesday’s for this very reason! 

Chat soon,

~Miss Parfitt


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