My ‘first’ day!


My colleague picked me up at 9:05 and we were off, nervous as can be. We arrived at the school and the first person we met was the secretary! Unfortunately, on a long list of names I learned today, hers was forgotten šŸ˜¦ Next, we found out that our principal was away for the day for an emergency so we had a ‘stand-in’ take us on a tour. Luckily for me, I knew her as she was my grade 5 & 6 teacher! I immediately felt some relief. After a quick run down of the school and student background, we were lead on a tour where we were lucky enough to meet our sponsor teachers!!!!! We were both so terribly excited. After meeting my sponsor teacher, I asked if I could stay the day and she responded with a quick ‘absolutely!’ and I was in.Ā 

The students had just come back from reading with their buddies (my kiddos are grade 5) and were all ready to move onto math. After my introduction, my sponsor teacher (I’ll call her Ms. C) explained to me that in her classroom, the children each have a hand coloured picture of a ‘bucket’ on the wall and everyday, they are given 3 strips of paper. With these pieces of paper, they are encouraged to write compliments to each other and go and put them in each others buckets! What a neat idea. After learning about this and answering a few questions the kids had for me, they dove right into their work. Ms. C worked with small groups of children at the smart board (still very foreign to me) while others had the task of finishing a worksheet, and once that was done were encouraged to play math games. I moved around the room introducing myself and getting their names and had a blast learning their math games and watching them play. After math we moved onto reading. Ms. C had the children take out Ziploc bags full of pieces of paper with words on them and while she worked with a small group at the smart board, I was given the task of going around and listening to the children read their words aloud. What fantastic readers we have! I was very impressed. From there, we moved onto reading a novel and then it was lunch time!

After lunch was silent reading followed by a social studies project: they are beginning to make their own timelines! Another fantastic activity. You better believe that when I wasn’t wandering around the class, I was taking notes every step of the way! Following the socials project, the children wrote in their journals and then headed out for recess. After recess was agendas and the computer lab, and then it was all over!!

I had the mostĀ fantasticĀ day with Ms. C, I cannot wait to go back next week. I’m also planning on getting involved in boys volleyball on Wednesday’s at lunch, I can’t wait to start that next Wednesday!

So many exciting things coming up in the future, I couldn’t be happier with my placement šŸ™‚

Chat soon,

~Miss Parfitt


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