Happy (belated) Halloween!

What a fun/crazy/chaotic day it was yesterday!

We started the day with the normal routine of Words Their Way, Mad (math) Minute snack and recess. After that, Ms. C had another IEP meeting (apparently it’s ‘that time of year’!) and so we had another TOC. Ms. C laid out both activities for me though so I was able to run the show, it was a blast 🙂 I read “BOO!” by Robert Munsch and the kiddos had to visualize the halloween make-up the character was putting on and draw it. They were hanging on my every word! For the first time yet, I felt like a teacher 🙂 Then they created a collaborative monster where they each drew a section of the body without seeing what the person before them had drawn, so when they opened it up it looked crazy! They had a hoot 🙂

After lunch, it was party time! We laid out all of the (many) desserts and snacks they’d brought with them, had station games that they’d come up with and music on in the background! It was a lot of fun to see them in a new, more relaxed setting. 

After school, the gr. 6/7 boys volleyball team (who I’ve been helping coach) hosted a game so I stayed to help coach. Turned out they needed a second ref, so I took that role! It was fun to be a little out of my element and take on a new task 🙂

Overall, myst first Halloween in a classroom was a day to remember!

Chat soon,

~Miss Parfitt 


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