Another great Day!

Today was another fabulous day for me in the world of student teaching 🙂

I began my day by taking down some old art projects (silhouette paintings) and hanging new ones (Remembrance day themed) in the hallway and on our classroom bulletin boards. I must say, they looked fabulous once everything was hung up! I meant to take a picture and completely forgot, unfortunately! 

I then was informed that my faculty advisor was in the building and I needed to meet him! We’ll call him Mr. G. He was very friendly and informed me that we’ll be meeting in the new year to discuss practicum plans.

Once the start-of-day bell had rung, the rest of the morning proceeded as usual, with Words Their Way and Mad (Math) Minute. We then worked on our rounding skills and Ms. C had the students complete 20 rounding questions. I learned some new techniques on how to teach rounding as well, which was an added bonus! I love being right in there with them as they’re wrapping their minds around these brand new concepts, and the look on their faces when they’re successful is truly priceless!

At lunch I helped with the gr. 6/7 boys volleyball as I have been since I started there, and we’re making some progress people! We worked on movement and calling the ball, and after a few slave driving encouraging sets of lines, they were starting to talk and move towards the ball! Fantastic.

After lunch, our grade 5’s had family life! I totally remember these lessons from when I was in elementary school, except now they have someone else come in and teach them. I have to admit, I learned a thing or two today!

With an hour left before it was time to head home, the kiddos worked on their write up about Why We Remember, and I hung them all with their beautiful art projects.

It was another great day in the field, and I can’t wait to go back again 🙂

Chat soon,

~Miss Parfitt


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