Tis the season!

Because we are so close to Christmas, it is rather difficult to keep 29 9 and 10 year olds occupied with academics. Luckily for the students in Ms. C’s class, we have lots of festive activities to keep them busy!! 

Yesterday morning, Mrs. P (CEA – not myself) and I spent an hour and a bit building mock gingerbread houses our of graham crackers and liquid sugar – could anyone ask for a better morning? Once all of the sugar has cooled and become solid, the kids were given time to decorate with icing supplied by Ms. C and their own candy, it was a wonderful afternoon 🙂 They busied themselves building marshmallow fences with M&M walkways while Christmas tunes played in the background. Just another event that has solidified my career choice! 😉

Today was very busy as well 🙂 They had a math test in the morning, followed by some extensive vocabulary building: trying to think of as many words as possible within the words Merry Christmas. There’s a little friendly competition going on between myself and the students; luckily I have Ms. C and Mrs. P on my side because one of the kiddos made it to 300 words!! 

In the afternoon we had the dress rehearsal for our Christmas concert, which is tonight. It was so much fun to watch all of the performances! Lots of talent at that school 😉

I can’t wait to go tomorrow and experience the excitement of the last day before Christmas holidays! 

Chat soon,

~Miss Parfitt


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