Happy New Year!

This entry will cover activities that took place on both January 9th and 16th, a little behind!

January 9th was my first day back in the classroom after the Christmas holidays and I sure was glad to be back! It was so great to see the students and staff, especially since everyone was feeling refreshed after the break 🙂

It was a pretty normal day as far as activities went. The students were learning about the digestive system so I got to watch a disturbing informative video about how poop is made! As hard as it was to watch (just a lady mashing food in a ziploc bag and then pushing it through a pair of nylons) it actually was pretty educational. And in talking about the digestive system, Ms. C told me the next time I was in that she had her students wipe out their mouths with paper towel and then try to eat a saltine cracker. What an educational, fun activity! Very cool.

This past Wednesday, Ms. C and I focused a lot on my upcoming assignments and projects that I need to get done. We discussed the composition of her classroom so that I could have background information before I begin my practicum and just generally chatted about what I needed to get the ball rolling. We had fun, as per usual, and it was a great day! We also got to mark digestive system quizzes, which provided us with a giggle break when reading responses to the question: “What happens to the food our bodies do not use?”

The best part of my day, however, was when I was given two bucket tickets by two of my students! The first was from a young lady who wanted to compliment me on my shirt and my heart melted right then and there. And the second was from a rather shy, keep-to-himself young gentleman who simply wrote: “Miss Parfitt, your awesome”! Again, heart melted. What an amazing feeling those little tickets can bring 🙂

Now, it’s time to start making appointments to talk with the Principal, the Learning Assistance Teachers as the Librarian so that I make good progress on my school experience assignment!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Chat soon,

~ Miss Parfitt


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