Gearing up for the end of school!

I had another great day at my sponsor school this week. In the morning, I ran the routine and got them started on their Mad Minute, and then I was able to read to them from their favourite book. I tell you, if you want those kids to sit and listen quietly, you just have to find a book they love! 

This past week was our reading week through the university. We had the week off to get caught up ahead and just relax! It was a fantastic week, and I chose not to get any work done until the later half 😉

In any other program, we’d have school now until the end of March, before exams begin in April. But in this program, we only go back for two weeks, and then we’re done! It’s going to be a huge relief to have my university schooling so that I can focus on preparing for my practicum. We get ‘spring break’ at the same time as the elementary schools and then an additional week to finish up our unit and lesson plans before practicum starts on April 2nd. I cannot tell you how excited and nervous I am to get going! 

Let the countdown begin, 2 weeks till we’re done 😀

Chat soon,

~Miss Parfitt


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