Prep Week

Holy Hannah, I have not posted for 22 days. Where have I been? Where has the time gone?!

The gist of my last 3 weeks is this: university classes are done, YAY!!, we had two weeks of spring break at the same time as our kiddos, and now, it’s prep week! Well, technically prep week is now over. They say I should be prepped by now. Hmm..

Anyways. I taught yesterday, go me! Taught my first ever official, academic, applicable to life, lesson. I taught my kiddos that when we are learning to divide, we can relate it to everything we have learned in multiplying. If you’re confused, ask me later. 

It went smashingly, if I do say so myself, and I feel much better about beginning my practicum next week!!

Rewind a bit – spring break was spent unit planning. Man oh MAN is that a lot of work. For all you people who think teacher’s don’t do a lot of work, I am here to tell you, they do. Planning a four week unit on Fairy Tales just about took it out of me. But, I digress. Over spring break I also planned for my three week unit on Geometry, as well as my two week units on Drama and Social Studies. 

This weekend I have plans to go into the classroom and set up my Fairy Tales bulletin board. I am terribly excited to set up my first bulletin board! I will be sure to post pictures.

I am ready. I am mostly prepped. I am excited!! Bring on practicum, let’s start teaching 🙂

Chat soon,

~Miss Parfitt


Stand up to Bullying and a Substitute

Last Wednesday was Say No to Bullying day, and so everyone was instructed to wear pink as a show of support. I was so excited and proud when I walked in to our room to find that 20 or so kids had some form of pink on! Even the boys were rockin’ pink sweaters. I was beyond impressed.

When I arrived at the school I found out that we’d be having a substitute that day as Ms. C had an all day meeting she needed to attend. My first time seeing a substitute in action! It was a great day, and very interesting to see not only how a sub manages, but also how the students manage not having their regular teacher around. Unfortunately (for me) it wasn’t the truest experience of a substitute as I could’ve had, because this sub had been in our classroom quite a bit before while Ms. C was attending meetings. It was still, however, a very informational day for me. I thoroughly enjoyed observing how things go with a sub! 

Tomorrow is my LAST Wednesday visit at my sponsor school! And this is also our last week of class! Hooray! 😀 For the next two weeks, I will have my head buried in teacher resources and lesson plan outlines as I compile my units that I will actually be teaching! I can’t believe the time is almost here. After two weeks of spring break, we have one week to be in the classroom everyday observing what goes on on the rest of the schools days, then starting April 2nd I will be an actual teacher, teaching actual lessons. I. can’t. wait!

I am also terribly nervous, but I would never admit that! 😉

Here’s to the last week of my first year in the Education Program!

Chat soon,

~Miss Parfitt