First Day Jitters

Tomorrow’s the day, folks! Tomorrow, I begin my practicum with the best grade 4’s and 5’s I ever could have imagined. I am so excited to share the world of Fairy Tales with them (my largest unit). 

Today, I spent my morning creating my Fairy Tales bulletin board and I must say, it looks fantastic!! I can’t wait to post a picture, I meant to take one this morning and completely forgot!! I also got all of my materials photocopied for the first week, as well as assembled my very first ‘teacher binder’ which contains all of the wonderful organizational resources I could need to keep me sane! 

A little more on my materials for the first week: I created my own Elements of a Story booklet for my kiddos to fill out as we go through our 4 week unit. I can’t wait to hand it out to them and see how it flows; the good, the bad and the ugly! 

Everyday will be an adventure, and it’s one that I have waited many years, and endured many seemingly pointless boring less than exciting lectures for! The time has come, and I am so ready to make the experience mine!

Chat soon!

~Miss Parfitt


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