Marking (paper, paper, paper!)

Tonight, I am completing my first ever set of marking as a teacher! Most experienced teachers would probably roll their eyes at the exclamation mark at the end of my sentence, but I promise I am only super reasonably excited 😉 I will be marking their work done in their Elements of a Story booklet, something made for them to fill out as we complete our Fairy Tales unit!! So, this will be my proof that they either get it, or they don’t. Time to find out how well I did teaching my first couple lessons!


This is my pile of marking. Please note that these are booklets, and I will only be marking a few pages at a time 😉 Also noteworthy, this is an iPhone photo, I apologize for the poor quality!

I cannot believe my first week (of only four!) is almost over. That also means that next week we add geometry to the mix!! Starting next week, Ms. C will have every morning “off” because I will be running the show. Wowza!

On a third and final note, I am quickly realizing just how much paper teachers accumulate!! My stack of master copies is already alarmingly large. Time to assign a binder just for those!

Anyways, I’m off to mark! Hope you’re having a fabulous evening.

Chat soon,

~Miss Parfitt


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