Half way done, wow!

I have to start this post with this beautiful picture I received from one of my darlings this morning


It’s things like this that solidify my career choice, and make me so happy and grateful to be on the path I am on. 

I can’t believe we’re two weeks in. I can’t believe there are only two weeks left. And I really can’t believe I’ll be teaching 3 classes a day next week!!!

I am so happy with how both my Language Arts and Math units are going so far. LA has been a breeze. The toughest part has been getting the kiddos up and moving, interacting with each other. Math was a little slower to start, but I think we’re going to be on a roll next week. 

I am beyond excited to start drama next week. It’s going to tie in beautifully with my Fairy Tales unit in LA, I can’t wait to bridge those two subjects together! I am looking forward to seeing the actors and actresses come out in my students.

Thanks for stopping by for the update!

Chat soon,

~Miss Parfitt


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