My New Home

I have officially made the transition to a new host school and I am thrilled with my placement. My 2/3’s are a wonderful group of bright kiddos and I am very much looking forward to teaching them in the new year! I will be taking on Language Arts, Math, Science, PE and HACE, three of which I did not teach last year, and I am ready for the challenge and excited to teach new subjects.

School ended last Friday – hooray! – so I’ve been visiting my host school everyday this week. Today marks the beginning of my unit planning, and my goal is to have it DONE by December 21st! I want to relax and enjoy some of the wonderful holiday season before getting back into the groove in January and I think my goal is perfectly reasonable. Just going to require some hard work 😉

Speaking of holiday season, I’d like to add that this is my absolute favourite time of year. The music, the smells – my peppermint Scentsy is makes our place smell glorious – everyone just seems to be happier! Christmas cheer is all around 🙂

It’s the most, wonderful time of the year!

Chat soon,

~Miss Parfitt