Ready to Roll

Happy New Year, everyone!

This winter break has been one of the most relaxing I have ever experienced. I hardly worked due to a lack of shifts and this made me feel more like a teacher than ever before, it was fantastic. I lesson planned here and there, but mostly laid low with family and visited with friends – it was bliss.

Now, however, we’re back into the swing of things! Today was the first day back and it was great. The kiddos were happy to see me and I had a great day with my new mentor teacher, Mrs. B. I am really excited to jump into my practicum next week when I’ll be taking over all of Language Arts!! I’m doing a unit on Poetry and am feeling very confident in the unit I’ve laid out. I can’t wait to experience it with my class.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, more blog posts to follow as I get going with practicum!

Thanks for stopping by,

Chat soon

~Miss Parfitt


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