Life update

Wow, I have spent the last half hour reading through some of my blog posts from the last few years and I am so thankful to have this “journal” with my experiences in it!

As an update to all of this: I graduated the Bachelor of Education program last June (2014) after completing an amazing practicum with Mrs B (not me ;)). After graduation I got married (!) and became Mrs Bergen, no more Miss Parfitt. The day before my wedding I had my TOC training and after our honeymoon I was TOCing basically full time!

After TOCing for about 2 months, I was hired in a 0.5 contract (2.5 days/week) at my first practicum school; my elementary school! I was hired as a classroom support, as well as to help regroup a group of 4/5 students during their math block. I teach my own math to a group of 17 grade 5 students and I absolutely love it! In January of this year, my contract grew from 0.5 to a full 1.0: I am now teaching every single day and I could not be happier.

My position includes lots of pullout with essentially all grades K-5 as well as two prep classes where I am teaching grade 3 Art and grade 6 Drama.

We are now counting down the days till summer (25 teaching days left!) however that leaves me with some uncertainty for the next school year. My hope is to be offered another temporary (which means not continuing) contract at the same school as I love both the students and staff there. I feel so lucky to have spent this past school year teaching at my dream school!

My hope is to get back into blogging about my experiences as a brand new teacher 🙂

Chat soon,

~ Mrs Bergen


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